85+ CSS Mini Flags

85+ CSS Mini Flags Created by jorok. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Introducing the set ot 85 nice and clean CSS .

You can use this 85+ CSS Mini Flags on Css category for css flags, css mini flags, flags, pixel flags and another uses.

85+ CSS Mini Flags
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Introducing the set ot 85 nice and clean CSS flags.

Implementation is really simple and the HTML/CSS code is really tiny. The main goals in development process were wide browser support, simple code and similar layout for every flag. I think the final result is good.

I hope you enjoy the set!

There will be frequent updates and optimizations.


  • 85+ CSS Mini Flags
  • Documentation
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Customize


Version 3.0 (16.11.2013):

  • Added 3 Flags – Morocco, Nauru, Palestine

Version 2.0 (10.02.2013):

  • Added 4 Flags – Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Scotland

Countries & Browser Compatibility