Advanced PHP URL Shortener


Advanced PHP URL Shortener
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  • Php 5.3, mysql 5.x: PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.x
  • Ie9, firefox, safari, opera, chrome: IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
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Advanced PHP URL Shortener is a powerful clean & lightweight script that allows your visitors to shorten their urls, track the hits, and even more. Also comes with an API that allows developers to retrieve useful information such as shortened url, original url, hits, date/time, a sleek Metro design fully compatible Android, iPhone and Windows Phone handsets.


  • Short Urls, Count Url Hits, Frame Border with Ads.
  • JSON API (retrieve id, url, hits, alias, date, short url).
  • Stats Page (url, hits, alias (custom url), date).
  • Latest 50 Urls Added in the database (with option to remove them)
  • Social Share ready
  • Custom URLs.
  • Adsense ready, 2 ad units.
  • Mobile Compatible (responsive design).
  • Cross Browser compatible.
  • and more…


    Update 1.8 (12/13/2015)

  • Fixed a visual issue in the Admin Panel
  • Update 1.7 (5/11/2015)

  • Added title tags for Short, Stats and Redirect pages
  • Update 1.6 (4/11/2015)

  • Improved the Admin Panel
  • Migration from MySQL (deprecated in higher PHP versions) to MySQLi
  • Other improvements (code improvement and cleanup, small interface changes)
  • Update 1.5 (12/6/2012)

  • Fixed a critical bug, file affected: short.php
  • Update 1.4 (11/19/2012)

  • Included Custom Shortened URLs (forgot to include it in the initial release)
  • Update 1.3 (11/18/2012)

  • Added option to create shortened links via API (check the Documentation)
  • Added the possibility to retrieve the stats page for an URL via API
  • Improved the API documentation
  • Update 1.2 (12/4/2012)

  • Fixed a major bug, file affected: short.php
  • Update 1.1 (11/17/2012)

  • Improved the API query
  • Added possiblity to remove any of the latest 50 added urls
  • Improved the redirect function
  • Requirements: MySQLi, URL Rewrite Module for Apache.