Ball Jump Clone – Universal Template iOS & Android

Ball Jump Clone – Universal Template iOS & Android Created by AbhiGC1. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Perfect Ball Jump .

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Ball Jump Clone - Universal Template iOS & Android
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Perfect Ball Jump Clone

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Don’t loose your time with useless apps, try this game template and climb the top Charts! The game is simple to play hard to master. The goal of the game is simple jump ball the best you can to make the highscore you can , the game very easy to reskin too!!!

This game is made in Buildbox (a Drag and Drop game maker). Very easy to edit this game.

Buidbox is a true Drag and Drop creating software. Simply import images, assign them properties and move them around your game scene.

Ball jump – control a ball rolling along a narrow path made up of cube blocks. Be careful and jump over pits. Show your great reflexes and try to get record results in this exciting game for Android. Try to guide the little black ball as far as possible along the track. Be ready to make decisions instantly and tap the screen at the right time. After all the track is being built right in front of a moving ball. Jump onto the emerging platforms in time and don’t let the ball fall.

You have to tap on screen fast enough to keep your character not fall down gap between cubes? Your path is being built in real time with an existing combination of cubes.

Tap the screen to jumpReact quickly and with precisionAnd don?t fall downPerfect Clone of Ball jumpHow far can you get? Enjoy the challenge.

I try to provide to my client the perfect clone in the app industry for the hottest trends today

? Total Game Reskin 3-4 Hours and Upload for Store

? Need help? Full Support by My Amazing Team

? How you are Going Make Money you ask, very easy Don’t miss that trend game

Features and Requirements

BUILDBOX VERSION : 1.3.5Simple One Touch GameplayPerfect Ball Jump CloneEndless FunUniversal ProjectExport your game to different platforms such as iOS , Android, Windows, and more…..Multiple AD NETWORKS like ADMOB, CHARTBOOST etcIAP : remove adsShare the game with a screen shot of the game field with a custom message via facebook, twitter, whatsapp, gmail?Review button on the gameover screenSaves High ScoresVery easy to reskinCompete with Friends, Family with Game Center LeaderboardsMade with buildbox game engine (

How to Setup and Reskin

Buildbox Manual

With Buildbox:

1.Open Buildbox project.2.Replace current sprites with your own.3.Build and export project.Without Buildbox1.Change the colours of the sprites used for tiles, backgrounds and the player in the respective source folder.2.Rebuild project in eclipse (Android) or Xcode (iOS).