Brightery Facebook Business Scraper + User Accounts Module

Brightery Facebook Business Scraper + User Accounts Module Created by Brightery. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: the same script .

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Brightery Facebook Business Scraper + User Accounts Module
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the same script’

but with a user accounts, member ships and user registration, Admin could approve accounts

How to Install Brightery Faceook Business Scraper

This script is extremely easy and simple to use.

With this script you can collect data from up to 1000 record at once, from any resource page, group, user or place.

The script is so easy to install, use and the design based on bootstrap CDN, Font Awsome CDN is clean and simple and lightweight.

Export your results to csv file, ajax results, filtering

This is a great tool to build up a email, facebook marketing database!

Check out the live preview to test the script (limitations applied on the demo)!

Bootstap UI, AngularJS, and PHP5.4 + support

It’s now support groups, places and users search

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

if you need a professional to install it for you for just $10 usd, just contact us at with your purchase no.

if you need any modifications just contact support at