Dashy – powerful dashboard

Dashy – powerful dashboard Created by Tropicalista. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Try yourself!!! User can login with Google or .

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Dashy - powerful dashboard
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Dashy – angularJs powerful dashboard

Create your own personalized dashboard with your favorite widgets !!!

Inspired by services like Geckoboard, Ducksboard and Cyfe, this script allows you to create customized dashboards with unlimited widgets. Each widget can be moved, resized, updated or deleted with a simple click.

Try yourself!!! User can login with Google or Facebook.

With Dashy you could visualize and combine all your data from a lot of sources and build a dashboard that helps you to display a combination of site metrics and by using an API you can integrate google analytics and other systems into your dashboard display.


  • Powered by AngularJs and SlimFramework
  • Theme based on Bootstrap
  • REST architecture
  • Full screen/TV mode
  • Easily customizable
  • Add your datasources
  • Fully documented (dashy documentation)
Available also for wordpress


At the moment we have following widgets:

  • Google Analytics (you could add all your favorite metrics!!!)
  • Google Adsense (you could add all your favorite metrics!!!)
  • Google PageSpeed
  • Alexa
  • Klout
  • UptimeRobot
  • Moz
  • Klout
  • Social widgets
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • Linkedin
    • Pinterest
    • Delicious
    • StumbleUpon

You could easily create your own widget with your custom datasource!!!

After everything is integrated, easy access to your data will save time, energy and countless headaches.

Change logs

Version 2.0.0 [10-9-2015]

- Switched to laravel framework- Easy installation step by step- Added custom Analytics widget- Aanalytics widget modified- Added Facebook, Google,Twitter login- Better user management- Added AdminLte template

Version 1.5.0 [1-2-2015]

- Added YouTube video widget- Added feed reader widget- Added custom date to Analytics widget- Added multiuser- Added Facebook login- Added a simple step by step installer