Entity Project Management Web Application

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Entity Project Management Web Application
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Entity {CC} : A PHP & Javascript Based Project Management Web Application for CodeCanyon

Entity {CC} is a powerhouse project management application that doubles as team collaboration software and triples as an awesome client portal. With innovative and flexible features, you’ll never need to reach for another solution again!

Please be sure to leave me a rating! If it’s anything less than 5 stars, please tell me how I can improve the product.

What is Entity?

Entity {CC} is a massive, behemoth of a web application. From custom access roles to custom form creation to multiple-currency support and automatic exchange rate updates, you can’t find anything at this price that compares. While it is primarily a project management application, it is equally powerful when used for team collaboration or even as a simple client portal to collect payments.

It has been built from the ground up and offers so many new features, I don’t want to spoil the surprise! The best thing about buying this app is that you can rest assured that it will be actively developed and enhanced and new features will be plentiful. It has been rebuilt from the ground up and is now truly powered by an OOP engine that scales and delivers on performance.

Top Features

  • Unique and 100% Responsive layout
  • Infinite users, projects, and files
  • Advanced project management tools
  • Powerful and flexible invoicing
  • Complimentary personal messaging
  • Enhanced settings CP
  • Powerful but intuitive form builder
  • Automatic email notifications for quotes, registrations, and more
  • Google Analytics built in
  • Continuous updates from user feedback
  • Stripe API Integration

Powerful User Account Features

Create unlimited users, each with a complete user profile, custom avatar, and custom permissions that you can define from the ground up. Entity {CC} comes with 5 default user roles out of the box, but you can determine what kind of access each user has. Accounts can be deactivated and users have a highly prolific amount of information you can gather for their profile. Try to find that in some other package!

Insane Project Management

Create unlimited projects, each with its own stages and tasks, and a forum to stay connected with members of the team. Unlimited files can be attached to tasks and members can drop notes specific to those tasks to stay on track and let others know what their progress is. Everything is managed by you and your staff and access to vital project functionality is in your complete control!

Invoices & Payment

Create invoices for projects and assign payment options to them for easy payment using the Stripe Payment Gateway. Entity {CC} offers multiple currency support and does live currency exchange updates from within the application at the press of a button! Tax support is built-in offering you the option to charge a tax to the whole invoice, a single charge, or both.

File Management on your terms

Unlike software as a service (SaaS for short), Entity {CC} doesn’t place resource limits on your portal. There is no additional tiers you have to pay for to get more space. Nope, you get the code and host it on your own server. For an application that is currently under $50 USD, that’s a pretty big accomplishment in itself! You do have complete control over how much space your users can task advantage of!

What’s New in Version 2

Extensive Documentation

Entity {CC} offers a comprehensive built-in documentation that covers how to use the entire application. Additionally, it offers a built in activity log and health monitoring system to keep track of what’s going on in your portal at all times.

Wages & Taxes

New in this version is the ability to set wages and taxes. This helps itemize and quickly calculate common charges and limits what your employees, team members, and hired help can charge based on your business model.

Multiple Currency Support

Version 2.0.x supports 3 different currencies and will be expanding to a total of five within the first few months of development. Invoices created by contractors in other countries can be set in their home currency and then converted on the fly to your own.

Built in Messenger

The internal messenger is undergoing a lot of small tweaks to make it look and act more like a mature internal messaging system. It allows members of your team to stay in contact with each other and stay on track.

Custom Access Roles

Probably one of the most powerful additions to version 2.0.x is the ability to create your own access roles. You literally have fine-tune control over what users can and can’t do in the application. No other application out there, that I’ve seen at this price point, has anything comparable to what Entity offers.

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Login Details

Administrator: Username – admin, Password – admin, Email – admin@admin.com

Project Lead: Username – lead, Password – lead, Email – lead@lead.com

Contractor: Username – bob, Password – bob, Email – bob@bob.com

Client: Username – client, Password – client, Email – client@client.com


Version 2.0.3, Build 21 May 2016

# Bug Fixes:- Fixed faulty if statement when registration abruptly ends when no default group is assigned. Removed improper error feedback.- Fixed issue with client being able to see projects they are not assigned to- Fixed issue where apply tax form wouldn't close if there were no taxes created in the application- Fixed issue with duplicate database file entries pointing to the same file- Updated font-awesome css and icon to 4.3.6# Changes:- Removed ability to see a user's quick stats unless they're staff- Removed ability to see a user's active projects unless they're staff- Added automated database table installer! (Still working on upgrade patcher for DB)- Fixed login form css to prevent scroll bar form appearing- Updated documentation- Added Database schema to application xml object for future upgrades- Added ability to manually set an invoice as paid for those offline scenarios- Updated amounts on all invoice records to reflect included taxes- Revamped entire file manager for easy organization- Added new database column 'owner' to files table- Fixed db schema to reflect unsigned integers where needed for foreign keys- Add ability to delete file attachments- Add ability to delete project images- Made project image css background size property set to contain for large images (size detection is built in)

(If you are upgrading from 2.0.2, please contact me directly. The database upgrade functionality is not completely finished in 2.0.3 and there were a few minor database changes in this upgrade)

Version 2.0.2, Build 28 February 2016

# Bug Fixes:- Fixed registration password algorithm- Fixed bug on edit project form that showed white screen with success message- Updated language for new registration email- Added ability to reply to messages and display message reply history- Adjusted display of role changing form to only show up for users who can edit other users- Fixed issue where projects could be created with and end date before the start date- Fixed ability to delete user avatar from account page#Changes:- Removed project history export to excel button from non-staff roles' view on project page- Updated release timeline info throughout application and documentation

Version 2.0.1, Build 02 January 2016

# Bug Fixes:- Fixed and updated action buttons on single group page- Fixed SQL insert query for creating stage task- Fixed foreign key constraint on SQL file for users and their created invoices- Fixed implementation where bugs were not being shown on health monitor page- Fixed project stage task assignment functionality- Added fix to Foreign key issue in installation SQL- Fixed project history to excel file export- Removed the ability to mark a project complete if it hasn't started yet- Fixed problem with users being visible to anyone in the application regardless of role permissions

Version 2.0.0, Build 08 November 2015 (Initial Release) – No more 1.5.x upgrades

Version 1.5.4, Build 30 July 2014 (Security Release)

# Enhancements:- Enhanced XSS protection throughout the application# Bug Fixes:- Fixed registration form validation error on the country field

Version 1.5.3, Build 13 July 2014

# Enhancements:- Upgraded Bootstrap to version 3.1.1- Changed project page and user profile to a Tab-based layout to save screen space and organize sections better- Added custom views and parts. Save all of your customizations by copying a view or part file into your user folder in the same relative directory. Entity will use your custom file by default if it exists.- Updated Invoice and Task outlook to display 30 day, 60 day and 90 day out reports on invoices and tasks.- Updated countries, grouped by continent to database (Changed users table charlength to VC255)- Added Stripe payments as an additional option for payment of invoices- Numerous minor visual enhancements to aid in general readability / usability- Added quick color-coded notices on the core/install page to let users know about certain php.ini settings that are important for the proper performance of the application- Altered some AJAX calls and fixed a few minor js errors involved with the call# Bug Fixes:- Fixed display issue with thirty day outlook displaying tables when no records match the criteria- Fixed broken image link in contact info box- Fixed priority language in activity log on support tickets- Fixed bug with old invoices and completed tasks displaying in the 30 day outlook pane and another bug where an empty table displayed- Fixed a validation bug (no response) when sending a message with no subject or body- Fixed privilege bug preventing contributors from adding charges, viewing invoices they create, and some minor link problems- Fixed an issue with email responses to quotes not showing correctly in the history- Fixed an issue when adding line items getting a validation error erroneously

Version 1.5.2, Build 06 April 2014

# Enhancements:- Adjusted layout and improved display- Added implicit homelink into main navigation- Added password reset mechanism at login- Added 'maintenance mode' and easier access to settings in dir_lib file- Added thirty day outlook for tasks and invoices in workspace- Added Animate.css open source css transition effects- Added readable support ticket priority codes and ordered by priority on all relevant pages- Added view all completed support ticket view on workspace- Added commit project completion status to aid tracking for organizations with lots of projects    - Project editing is locked after a project is committed as complete- Added pagination to activity log    # Bug Fixes:- Fixed an error with multiple dropdown fields in the custom quote form builder causing display error- Fixed Form generator javacript bugs when adding option fields to a selectbox- Updated the SQL for fresh installs to correct auto initiation of custom forms when none are present in the app settings table- Fixed a display error when trying to open FTP and PHP upload forms on additional versions- Fixed errors involved with viewing a default quote and sending HTML responses- Fixed default quote history display- Fixed a bug that emailed incorrect password when an admin reset a user's password password

Version 1.5.1, Build 05 February 2014

# Enhancements:- Added a refresh after adding a new file reference- Added option to delete file references and all versions of the file and log it- Added subnavigation to select areas to help the fluidity of browsing- Added social contact links to team members on the project page- Added list view for projects to manage screen space for larger businesses- Added ability to sort invoices by project# Bug Fixes:- Fixed an issue with paid invoices showing up as overdue- Fixed an issue with the activity log exporting duplicate data fields- Fixed links to Entity changelog and manual on admin panel- Adjusted the Create New File button positioning on the project page- Fixed an issue with saving Settings without custom form already created- Fixed an issue with $0 line item entries

Version 1.5, Build 27 November 2013 (Previous versions obsolete – No upgrade option planned)

- Huge overhaul on user interface to prepare for Pro Version compatability in 2014- Database expanded and altered (Not compatible with 1.1)- Upgraded Bootstrap to 3.0- Added full responsive layout focused on mobile first- Added updater (requires cURL library - usually already installed) which automatically checks for updates- AJAX forms for desktop application-like responsiveness- Added easy GET variable URLs to help with navigation- Added administrator configuration screens (Settings Menu)  - Font customization library  - Optional email login  - Option to hide registration  - Option to hide quotes  - Option for custom logo and / or application header text  - Automtic email options for various actions (i.e. new registration, new quote)  - Option to prevent Clients from uploading files  - Choose default invoice, quotes, and email templates (1 provided of each)- Removed Modal window dependencies- Added Activity Log with Export to CSV option- Overhauled File uploads which use a unique reference and versioning system- Expanded support ticket system to include notes for the client to follow with option to hide them from client (Internal use)- Added print support for Invoices (PDF expected to be ready by version 1.5.3)- Added custom user and project avatar image upload capability- Added social media links to user profile (Will be fully implemented by version 1.5.3)- Added milsetones and associated tasks (Removed old V-Model system)- Added 1 level reply functionality to project message board with avatar support- Enhanced security hashing algorithm for stronger user passwords (Not compatible with 1.1.1)