Fire Manga – Php Manga Site Builder System

Fire Manga – Php Manga Site Builder System Created by jmatter. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: – Easy install & Fast .

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Fire Manga - Php Manga Site Builder System
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Fire Manga v1.0 – Noblesse CMS’s plugin.

– Easy install & Fast performance

– Friendly manage system

– Full customization

– SEO Friendly & Quick Index

– Visitors can signup and submit new manga,chapters and manage bookmarks

– Support change chapter sort type (high to low, low to high)

– Support change read type (webtoon or page by page)

Admincp url:
Username: accdemo
Password: demodemo
Themes demo:

Special:- Included free 2 profession templates (Bootstrap 3 responsive templates)

You can download Noblesse CMS at:

Change logs:
– 04/26/2016: + Add 2 theme: manganews, mangaclean+ Improve system, support many kind of stories reading websites: manga/anime/stories…ect- 04/20/2016: Big update, new system with high speed.- 11/09/2015: Fix error auto grab manga.
– 11/08/2015: Improve system & performance for themes.
– 11/06/2015: Add Voting System, many custom to themes.
– 09/02/2015: Update Auto Leech System, improve performance of system, themes. You can see how to use auto leech manga at: