Jqupload plugin for PHP Manga

Jqupload plugin for PHP Manga Created by Aincrad. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: “Upload your manga in amazing .

You can use this Jqupload plugin for PHP Manga on Php scripts category for anime, comic, image uploader, jquery upload, komik, manga, manga reader, manga script, manhua, Manhwa, php manga, php manga plugin and another uses.

Jqupload plugin for PHP Manga
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Jqupload – PHP Manga Plugin

“Upload your manga in amazing way.”

Jqupload is a plugin for PHP Manga. Jqupload is a amazing plugin which givesyou ability to easily manage your manga content.

The most wanted plugin!

This plugin is the most requested to develop by huykhong.com member forum.They asked to develop the plugin that let they upload their manga with uploadstatistic and order their image also save the image with original name.


  • Secure and safe
  • light and fast
  • Simple interface and operation
  • Drag and Drop your manga image from your desktop direct to web page
  • Automatic order image
  • Integrated with built-in script
  • Plug & Play. Just upload, install, enable, and tadaaaaa …, jqupload ready to use.
  • Extend statistic. Monitor uploading progress with complete statistic chart.
  • and many more …. explore now!


Site: http://phpmanga.2fh.co/admin
User: jqupload
Pass: jqupload

What I need to make it work?