PHP Directory Handler

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PHP Directory Handler
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Updated: Version 2.0.1

2 classes that handle displaying the contents of a given directory. DirectoryHandler is for general directories with any assortment of files. ImageDirectory extends the functionality of DirectoryHandler by displaying directories specifically containing images; also makes use of lightbox. Perfect for displaying directories in a clean way, and an easy way to create an image gallery without the need for a database. Uses standard HTML mark-up for easy styling.

Version 2.0.1 Updates:

  • 2 bug fixes (one in each class)
  • Inclusion of readme.txt in zip file

Version 2 Updates:

  • Sample index.php file included
  • Uses JQuery Accordion to display subdirectories
  • Cleaner default CSS
  • Automatically detects file extensions and displays icon for doc, xls, ppt, txt, pdf, and mp3