PHP-Javascript Shoutcast and Icecast

PHP-Javascript Shoutcast and Icecast Created by nhstudio. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Player V3.0+LastFM AlbumCover API [Free Service]Buyers Important Notice: There is a BETA Version for Shoutcast V2.0, already included in download package.Important Update on 13.02.2013Firefox Sound Bug fixedFYI, HTML5 Sound won?t work for Shoutcast Type 2.0 under Chrome.Amazon Album Covers [Pay .

You can use this PHP-Javascript Shoutcast and Icecast on Php scripts category for Equalizer Animation, JavaScript php Shoutcast, JS Radio Player, Shoutcast Sound Manager 2.0, song history, Song Title, Sound Volume Slider and another uses.

PHP-Javascript Shoutcast and Icecast
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Player V3.0+LastFM AlbumCover API [Free Service]

Buyers Important Notice: There is a BETA Version for Shoutcast V2.0, already included in download package.

Important Update on 13.02.2013
Firefox Sound Bug fixed

FYI, HTML5 Sound won?t work for Shoutcast Type 2.0 under Chrome.

Amazon Album Covers [Pay Service]
All Demos are using my AMAZON KEYS, to make sure if this works with YOURS or not, pleaseread and test Basic Usage from Amazon ECS PHP Library before any purchase.

Important Update on 18.01.2013
Activating the HTML5 Sound for SM2.0 Lib [This won’t work for Shoutcast Type 2.0 under Chrome]
Important Update on 22.07.2012
Player now support Shoutcast servers like:
Shoutcast Type1.0(SHOUTcast Server Version 1.9.8/Linux)
Shoutcast Type2.0(SHOUTcast Server Version and also Icecast – Icecast2 KH patch
Please check your radio Server with Online Radio Test before any Purchasing.

Update on 10.07.2012
AlbumCover Link to AmazonShop with your referal ID

This is a PHP – JavaScript Shoutcast Player with current Song Title, SongHistory including last 10 played song and also AlbumCover.
Player design can be changed via CSS & PNG images

General Help Instruction

Demo of using this under a WP Template [Iframe Plugin Required]

? PHP5 Server + SOAP Enabled(check this via phpinfo.php or ask your server host)
? Browser JavaScript Enabled
? Your server should allowed opening your radio port(ask your server host about this)

Player jQuery Settings are as follows:
$radioURL = like “”
$radioPort = like “80” or “6096”
ShowAlbumCover = true/false;
AutoPlay = true/false;

Important Informations
AlbumCover is optional and needs “Amazon API KEY and API SECRET KEY with root access
Radio Stream should be in MPEG format, no support for AAC/AAC+ stream

ShowAlbumCover = true
Player will show AlbumCover in right side of Panel.
ShowAlbumCover = false
Player will show a PNG image(Your Radio Logo for example) in right side of Panel.

Browsers Compatibility
? Chrome – Full Function[Except HTML5 Sound for Shoutcast Type 2.0]
? Safari – Full Function
? Opera – Full Function
? Firefox – Full Function
? IE9 – Full Function | IE8 no Sound Equalizer Animation

? jQuery
? Sound Manager 2.0
? Amazon ECS PHP Class
? Devshed PHP Shoutcast Class