Related Posts for WordPress

Related Posts for WordPress Created by QueryLoop1. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Stop losing those casual visitors by engaging them with more content related to the one they were looking for! .

You can use this Related Posts for WordPress on WordPress category for arrows, carousel, categories, content, customization, featured image, internal link density, related posts, responsive, shortcode, styling, tags, taxonomies and another uses.

Related Posts for WordPress
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Stop losing those casual visitors by engaging them with more content related to the one they were looking for!

The Related Posts plugin for WordPress offers you the chance to display more posts related to the post your visitor is seeing, catching his attention and thus retaining him.

You can display related posts at the top or the bottom of your post, or inside your post content using a WordPress shortcode and even in your code, using the template tag provided.

Additionally, you have the chance to create a carousel with your posts or simply displaying them in a grid fashion. The carousel is responsive and will adjust to the user’s viewport automatically.

You can customize the appearance of the carousel arrows directly from the settings page so it matches your site. If further tweaking is needed or you want to change the layout, you can use the custom CSS block to make your changes right in the settings page without leaving WordPress.

Highlighted Features

To sum it up, these are some of the features:

  • display related posts from categories, tags or custom taxonomies
  • use a quick setting to show them before or after the post, to get your started on the fast track
  • works also for posts you have already published, no need to go back and adjust anything
  • create a responsive carousel with the related posts to adjust to either mobile or desktop
  • carousel features touch support
  • supports multiple instances of either the carousel or the list
  • use the shortcode to display related posts within your content
  • the template tag empowers you to easily use it in your PHP code
  • customize the appearance directly from the settings page
  • choose whether to show WordPress’ Featured Image or not
  • fully translatable, spanish translation from english included
  • good for SEO, as it increases the internal link density of your site

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