Secure Notes Keeper

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Secure Notes Keeper
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Secure Notes Keeper

As the name suggest you it’s a protection tool that will protect your notes or text from unauthorized opening.As a standard tool it will be protected using a password. Your note will be encrypted using our own modified MD5, 3DES, Rijandel, Stairs, Blowfish and many more.

Why Secure Notes Keeper ?

In a world where privacy really matters we all have thing that we don’t want othere to know or see so we put a cover in front of ourselves to hide this importnat datas but hiding is not a a good method and one day or the other somebody usually discovers it… So I have made Secure Notes Keeper or SiNK to help protect a part of your life. Using SiNK you can protect important notes, password or whatever text you want to. SiNK is a advanced tool and using various new encryption methods unlike traditional tool’s that uses only one or two. SiNK uses more than 5 encryption methods, so i guess you have a roufgh idea about what i am talking about.

This is how SiNK works :

Features at a Glance :

+ Fast. Secure. Portable.
+ Easy to use.
+ Uses modern multiple encryption systems like : Modified – MD5, RiJandel, Stairs, BlowFish, 3DES, Polymorphism and many more…
+ One click opening(Open secured notes in one click)
+ Encrypt any text based stuff.
+ Lifetime support via email and Ticket system.
and many more….

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