Social Random Chat

Social Random Chat Created by aleeeftw. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: This script will let your visitors to log in with their facebook / twitter account and search for a random .

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Social Random Chat
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  • Php 5.x, mysql 5.x: PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x
  • Ie11, firefox, safari, opera, chrome: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
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This script will let your visitors to log in with their facebook / twitter account and search for a random chat.

If you want to test you have to connect with 2 different social accounts because the demo website it doesn’t have many users searching for a chat in the same time with you. Just search from 2 different browsers (different accounts) and you will see it works.


Profile page example

Admin panel (admin, password)

General features

  • responsive design
  • php mvc pattern
  • log in with facebook / twitter
  • good looking urls, example: domain.tld/example1/example2/


  • search for a random chat (by interests)
  • log in (facebook, twitter) / logout
  • post comments
  • edit profile (like background)
  • register a custom username
  • emoticons
  • profile comments alerts in menu
  • view chat history
  • report users & comments


  • log in / edit account / logout
  • edit website settings
  • search / view / edit users
  • search / edit / delete comments
  • view reports

Please keep in mind that I can install the script for you without any charges!


v1.1.0 [1 May 2014]

  • Fixed the sending twice a message problem.
  • v1.2.0 [2 May 2014]

  • Fixed the languages problem.
  • v1.3.0 [3 May 2014]

  • Added the report system (comments & users).
  • Added the ability for admins to suspend an user.
  • Added the ability for users to register an username.
  • Fixed a twitter login bug.
  • v1.3.1 [8 May 2014]

  • Now you can submit a chat message by pressing ENTER.
  • Made the menu to slide on mobile devices.
  • v1.3.2 [13 May 2014]

  • Change the Facebook function when the user cancel the login to redirect back.
  • Added the option to login with LinkedIn.